Thursday, February 8, 2018

Self Diptych

photographic context & history (ongoing)

Eugène Atget
Known for his photograph of paris streets, architecture, and the occasional person.
long exposure times create a dreamlike sense of light in his image
most of his work was only published after his deathImage result for Eugène AtgetImage result for Eugène AtgetImage result for Eugène Atget

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Photo Essay

Photo Essay

Elias getting focused to start the 100 meter dash. He runs 15.89 second 100. Elias was in 18th place overall. 

8 year old kids running the 800 meter during a down pour.  The track was flooding and everyone was running to get under cover while these kids were running.

Trent starting the 100m dash while it's the calm before the storm.
Elizbeth starting fast at the 100 meter dash. As she finished she pulled ahead to come in first place in her heat and 7 place overall.

Kylee running the 800 meter with 9-10 year olds during a down pour. A few minutes later lightning struck a few miles away but the kids kept running.

Braxton getting focused to run the 100m dash with the 8 and under group. Like most 8 and under's, he is still learning to stay in his lane on the track.
All of a sudden it started to ran cats and dogs. this down pour flooded the track and you could visible see the rain falling

Alex and Caleb on the back stretch running the 1500m, after it rained hard.

Coach Eric is warming up Arly before the 400 meter. The second most popular race at this meet.
Coach Eric is shaking Grace hand to wish her good luck on her race. Grace is running the 100 meter dash in the sunniest part of the day.
Eric patting Elias on the back before he runs the 100m dash.

Aaron finishing the 1500m. He is working hard to beat his pervious time.

Elias running the 80m hurdles. For this age it is it is hard to do the hurdles because it is new to them.